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Turkey Gravy Single Serve Cocktail Mixer

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🦃 + 🥃 = 💃🕺 Ahhh, the Holidays…The time of year when we all sit around, relax, eat copious amounts of food, and drink a nice delicious glass of our favorite Holiday cocktail… The Turkey Gravy. Wait, what? LOFAO!! See, every year we post on Thanksgiving a picture of what we call the “Turkey Gravy” cocktail. For us, this mix was less about sticking with a cocktail tradition but more about developing something that was funny, true to the season, and usable not only with Bourbon but in other spirits or beverages, even wine. Boasting bold Holiday flavors such as cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and orange, our Turkey Gravy cocktail mix is sure to make you go back for seconds and thirds. HAPPY HOLIDAYS YOU FILTHY ANIMALS! NET WT. 1.76oz (50g)