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Seignouret-Brulatour Collection

Seignouret-Brulatour Building at 520 Royal Street

Across the street from THNOC’s original location at 533 Royal Street is the historic Seignouret-Brulatour Building and courtyard. Though the original structure, built in 1816, has served many functions over the last two centuries, it is most widely remembered for four previous owners. François Seignouret built the structure as retail and residential space and adorned the balcony with ironwork bearing an “S.” Pierre Brulatour, a wine importer, purchased the building in 1870 for his retail business and residence. When philanthropist William Ratcliffe Irby acquired the property in 1918, he renovated the residence and allowed the New Orleans Arts and Crafts Club to operate on the premises from 1922 to 1933. More recently, local NBC affiliate WDSU broadcasted from the site from 1950 until 1996. 

The Shop collaborated with local artists to create exclusive items featuring details from the Seignouret-Brulatour building. 

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