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One of the last remaining European folk arts, the art of glass blowing actually dates back to the second half of the first century, B.C.E. It began along the Eastern Coast of the Mediterranean Sea and quickly spread throughout the Roman Empire. The blowing of glass ornaments began in Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia about 150 years ago, where Christmas decoration and tradition is particularly strong. In the eastern part of Germany, basic ball and fruit designs were most commonly blown. In Poland, glass ornaments and reflectors were used as year-round decoration in mobiles and wreaths, while in Czechoslovakia, the art of glass beads was being perfected. The decoration became more elaborate and sophisticated as this cottage industry practiced its craft. Sadly, Communism almost obliterated the craft after World War II, when the emphasis of manufacturing became one of quantity, instead of quality.

Recently, some of the molds of ornaments from long ago were uncovered and the industry has been enjoying a renaissance. There is an inherent quality in a product which is hand-blown and hand-decorated. Mass-packaged and machine-made pieces simply do not have the same level of craftsmanship, tradition and timelessness. The demand for these hand-blown, hand-painted ornaments is so prevalent today, that not only are the old European molds being blown once again, but also innovative new molds interpreting fresh ideas into glass.