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We get many compliments on the details. Look closely and you'll see why!

The product is packaged in a flat sleeve and created from 8 different layers. Included in the package are 8 connecting tabs that are needed for construction. Putting it together is easy, though from experience we recommend construction by those age 10 and above.

The assembled size is
H 3.8"
W 5.8"
D 2.5"


It was in 2015 that Pete, a lover of traveling, was in Japan and became absolutely enthralled by the process of wood block printing. To see singular color layers added upon each other to create a whole image left an indelible impression. At the same time he saw a range of intricate paper crafts.

Right then Pete decided that he would bring this style of crafts back to his hometown of New Orleans. That plan took a bit more time to fully develop though and it was in the following year while working as a National Park Service Ranger in remote areas of of Nevada and Arizona that Pete began to explore and fully map out the idea.

Pete quickly determined that the key to the process was in using a computer controlled laser to cut and etch cardboard. In 2017 Pete created his first prototype by layering cardboard and using the laser to cut or etch the surface.

Besides for the full time work of Papercrafting, Pete has many other irons in the fire. He is the Executive Director of a health career vocational training program in New Orleans and proudly maintains his status as a Nationally Registered Paramedic. Pete Additionally serves on the board for the Louisiana Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, and for the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans.