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"Alligator in the Reeds" Watercolor Fine Art Print: 5" x 7"

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Inspired by the enchanting Louisiana swamp, "Alligator in the Reeds" merges nature's mystique with artistic brilliance. This swamp scene depicts lush marsh reeds surrounding alligator, peering through the water surface. Ideal for naturalists, nature enthusiasts, lovers of the bayou, or those seeking to preserve memories of a swamp tour in South Louisiana. Every print from Lyla Clayre Studio is produced in-house on 100% cotton, archival-grade fine art paper. Each print is packaged in a clear protective sleeve and 100% post-consumer recycled backing board. Original plein air watercolor paintings are scanned in our New Orleans-based studio and reproduced on the highest quality paper with 100-year archival certification. All prints are handmade, checked for quality, and authenticated in our French Quarter studio.