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African Rumba
Putumayo Presents

Track listing:

1. Aminata - Harold López-Nussa & Alune Wade
2. Jammo - Le Sahel
3. Mame - Alune
4. Paysan - Michel Pinheiro's African Salsa Orchestra
5. Boul Topato - Pape Fall et l'African Salsa
6. Lolita - L'African Fiesta
7. Tata Masamba - Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca
8. Lonlon Vanvan (Edit Version) - Afia Mala & Orquesta Aragon
9. Micorrason - Orchestre OK Jazz
10. Sin Murri Gossi - Banda Maravilha

In the 1930’s, a Cuban song, “El Manicero” (The Peanut Vendor), became a world-wide hit, reaching even into the heart of Africa. The ensuing popularity of Latin music and dance styles like rumba, mambo and cha cha cha, which evolved in salsa, had a powerful effect of African music through the 1970’s.

Whether recorded 40 years ago or in the 21 st century, African Rumba highlights the long-standing love affair between Africans and Cuban music.