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Big Chief Gerald Paige

About Big Chief Gerald Paige of the Great Spirit Warriors:

Dr. Gerald Paige started masking Indian at age 3. By the time he was 13, he received the traditional blessings from the elder Chiefs to become Big Chief of his own Black Masking Indian Tribe.

For inspiration in naming his Tribe, he looked to both his name and Native American culture. “Gerald” in African culture means ruler and one mighty with spear. In Native American culture, the Creator is referred to as the “Great Spirit.” The Great Spirit Warriors’ name emerged from his thoughtful introspection. The Tribe’s mission is to fight for all that is right and just.

Click the YouTube link below to learn more about why the true New Orleans Black Indians mask, along with the differences between “Uptown” and “Downtown” Indians, in this virtual field trip with Big Chief Gerald and HNOC’s education department.


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