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The pianist Steve Pistorius, a New Orleans native, is an encyclopedia of early New Orleans jazz. He knows the works of the obvious masters—Morton, Armstrong, Bechet—inside out, but also delves into some delightful corners where few venture. As the liner notes put it, “irresistible ancient pop songs and vaudeville trifles.”

It is Steve’s mission, as proselytizer for this music, to avoid the “Dixieland Top 40,” to provide well-played, heartfelt programs by the best musicians available. And so he has on his latest, Under the Creole Moon.

-TOM MCDERMOTT for offBEAT Magazine

Track Listing:

1- I Ain't Gonna Tell Nobody
2- Arkansas Blues
3- Dream Man
4- Low Gravy
5- I Believe in Miracles
6- Bring Star Blues
7- Moonlight Bay
8- East Coast Trott
9- You Belong to My Heart
10- Blame It on the Blues
11- Down Among the Sheltering Palms
12- Waste No Tears
13- I'm Afraid of You
14- I Can't Stop Loving You
15- Messin' Around
16- Under the Creole Moon