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Spanish Paella Kit

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This Paella kit comes with everything you need to make a delicious authentic Spanish Paella. Just add your choice of chorizo, vegetables, chicken, or fish. Package includes paella pan, recipe bowl, olive oil, seasoning, and Spanish rice. 

Tips on how to take care of your paella pan: 

1- This paella pan should be treated in a similar way to an authentic wok. Wash the pan before using it. Dry it and wipe it with a little bit of olive oil. It is not recommended to put the paella pan in the dishwasher. 

2- After using the pan, clean it with warm water and soap and wipe it again with a bit of olive oil. This is an authentic Spanish paella pan and not a non-stick replica. If you do not add oil after washing it, it might get a little rusty. 



Rice, extra virgin olive oil, paella seasoning.