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Ô Malheureuse is a first of its kind collection of Louisiana womens’ French language writings, including song, poem, and prose. Inspired by the phrase Ô malheureuse!” or “Oh unhappy woman," commonly found in the lyrics of traditional south Louisiana Cajun song, this collection is an intuitive and unselfconscious look at some of the women who are writing in Louisiana French now.  It is produced in an effort to provide more art and dialogue in the local language, and to bring balance to a temporary imbalance in the public voice of women in Louisiana French literature for current and future generations of Louisiana French speakers.

ISBN-10: 1946160547

ISBN-13: 978-1946160546  

Publisher: University of Louisiana at Lafayette 

Year published: October 8, 2019 

Paperback: 160   

Product dimensions: 5 x 0.25 x 8 inches  

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