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Mint Julep Single Serve Cocktail Mixer

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PRE-MEASURED - PORTABLE - TRAVEL READY - EXPERTLY DESIGNED - GREAT FOR PARTIES - AWESOME…Our Mint Julep single-serve packs take the guesswork out of mixing the perfect on-the-go Mint Julep. A Leisuremann's Mint Julep celebrates one of the world’s oldest cocktails in all its minty glory. On first taste, you notice that our Mint Julep is strong both on the Bourbon and on the mint simple syrup. This is by design though. As the crushed ice in your glass melts the drink transforms into a beautiful blend of mint, simple syrup, and Bourbon. In other words, take your time and savor the experience! A Leisuremann’s Mint Julep is best served with a copious amount of crushed ice in a traditional Julep silver cup with a mint sprig as a garnish. Cheers!