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7" x 30" high 1" thick

Perfect for a full loaf of french bread, and also to serve cheese trays, anti pasta and charcuterie. Our cutting boards come in three standard sizes as well as custom sizes and shapes as needed. Cutting boards make great gifts for friends, wedding showers, business gifts and family. Their durability allows them to be a perfect heirloom for the family to pass down from one generation to another, and although exceptionally beautiful, they are excellent cutting surfaces as well. The oil used in finishing the cutting boards is food friendly and vegetable based. Make sure that you have at least one in your kitchen!

About Greg Arceneaux:

Greg Arceneaux, has dedicated his life’s work to the preservation of our unique, colorful heritage. Using indigenous trees of Louisiana, (cypress, pecan, walnut, willow, cherry, mahogany and poplar) he crafts early Acadian and Creole design furnishings using traditional 18th century joinery with a hand rubbed oil finish. When you purchase a piece of Greg Arceneaux furniture, you are not only getting a family heirloom that will last through generations in your family, you are purchasing a part of cultural history unique to our country of so much mixed diversity.