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It's ALWAYS Crawfish Season Y'all Take him for a dip and watch this bomb bubble and boil over. Scented with an uplifting citrus blend.. this bomb will awaken the senses and soothe tired skin. Cajun Gator - 5 oz Kid-Friendly. Bath time fun with this happy gator! Great for kids to see it swirl and foam with a release of sparkly green color. A fresh and crisp scent makes for a great gift for adults and kids alike. Green apple Fleur de Lis - 5oz Whether is is Carnival Season Football Season.. these have got you covered. Carnival will tint the water a deep yellow and is smells like peaches. Pawsome These bombs are Pawfect for any animal lover.... Purple - Peaches Ebony - Mahogany Coconut Sno-Bombs - 4.5 oz A sno-ball is a Louisiana confection made with finely shaved ice and flavored cane sugar syrup. Our Calorie Free version will turn your bath into a moisturizing treat. Available in Strawberry Peach Green Apple Raspberry Vanilla Tutti Frutti ( Fruit Loops)