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There is a much deeper impact in this community than mere income generation and skills development. We support gender equality by encouraging men and women to work side by side, doing the same jobs and earning the same income. This project also developed as a means of sharing the culture and style of Basotho people with the outside world as a means of identity empowerment.  We strive to positively impact  lives in Lesotho, and are therefore dedicated to bringing employment opportunities to the regions stricken hardest by HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty. 


In 2015 a Peace Corps Volunteer and his host family began sewing bow ties deep in the Drakensberg mountains of Lesotho. The goal was to create economic opportunity for a remote chain of villages. We use Shoeshoe, a textile with 180 years of history in the Mountain Kingdom. We use this material, and an anti-factory model of production, to bring unique creations to New Orleans.