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Bonerama - Bonerama Plays Zeppelin
Release date: April 26, 2019
Genre: Rock
Label: Basin Street

Track Listing:
1. Good Times Bad Times
2. Black Dog
3. Heartbreaker
4. Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman)
5. In My Time of Dying
6. Hey Hey What Can I Do
7. Four Sticks
8. Misty Mountain Hop
9. The Crunge
10. When The Levee Breaks

Anybody who’s been to a Bonerama live show is no stranger to the band laying down some funked-up, brassy renditions of classic rock songs. Fans of those moments are in for a treat, because the band is gifting the world an album of nothing but Led Zeppelin covers. If you have any doubt that a Trombone-centric band can really rock, pick a tune at random from this release, and be defied, as Bonerama proves they can rock with the best of them.